In fact

29/05/2015 07:32
As social beings, individuals are required to be able to overcome all the problems that arise as a result of interaction with the social environment and capable of displaying themselves in accordance with the rules or norms. Therefore, each individual is required to master the social skills and...
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In fact, in developing countries macys insite (including Indonesia) is still very much teenagers (and even adults) who have not been able to fully reach the formal operational stage of cognitive development is. macys insite  Some are still lagging behind in the previous developmental stages, namely concrete operations, where the mindset is still very simple and has not been able to see the problem from multiple dimensions. This could have caused the education system in Indonesia is not much use of methods of teaching and learning in one direction (address) and lack of attention to the development of children's thinking. Other causes could also be due to parenting parents still tend to treat adolescents as children, so children do not have the flexibility to meet the developmental tasks appropriate to their age and mental. Of course, a teenager should be able to achieve the level of abstract thinking that when they graduate high school, are accustomed to think critically and be able to analyze problems and find solutions.